White Flowers

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    Pink Ribbon


    Basket with white lilies and seasonal pink flowers with soft plush.
    Perfect for a birth.

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    Basket 24 White Roses


    Basket of 24 beautiful White Roses and greenery.

    Sincerity, purity, and chastity are some of the obvious meanings of a white rose.

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    Bouquet “The little prince”


    Bouquet “The little prince” consists of a bouquet with 11 white roses with light blue baby breath.

    The length of the roses varies according to the version chosen, from 40 cm in the basic version to 60/80 cm in the deluxe version.
    The white rose is linked to pure and delicate loving feelings such as the birth of a new life; the color, in fact, refers to the candor of an indissoluble love.

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    White Lisianthus Bouquet


    Send a beautiful elegant bouquet with white lisianthus, also called eustoma.

    The white lisianthus is associated with grace and elegance and is particularly suitable for official ceremonies.

    Lisianthus is a flower much loved by brides and used in many wedding compositions.

    Its flowering begins from May until October. (not always available, ask for availability)

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    1 White Lily


    Send a white lily to affirm to appreciate the qualities related to the purity of soul of the recipient.

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    Basket with white and purple / blue seasonal flowers, decorative green.
    To convey affection and friendship.

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    1 White Rose


    Send 1 white rose mean spiritual love, charm and humility.

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    100 White Roses


    Send this magnificent bouquet of 100 white roses to someone you love.

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    White Cloud


    Heart-shaped arrangement with 3 white roses in the center and gypsophila.

    Its simplicity makes this tribute very elegant.

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    Sympathy White Lilies


    Funeral arrangement of white lilies

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    Funeral arrangement with white flowers: roses, chrysanthemums and orchids.

    A classic white floral sympathy standing spray.

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    Funeral White


    Send online a funeral arrangement with all white flowers as roses, gerberas and lisianthus.

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    White Callas


    A bouquet of white callas wrapped with decorative green.

    Because of their beauty, calla lilies are used for many occasions including weddings.

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    Eternal Love


    Delicate bouquet of white gerberas, 2 white roses, daisies, green decorative.

    This arrangement is an elegant tribute to a beautiful life.

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    Simple Soul


    Delicate bouquet of white gerberas, 2 white roses, daisies, green decorative

    This arrangement is an elegant tribute to a beautiful life.

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    Funeral Wreath


    Funeral wreath with white roses on a green background

    This arrangement is the essence of grace and refinement.

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    White Lilies


    Send a graceful symbol of love with a beautiful hand arranged bouquet of white lilies.

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    Bouquet with white lilies, white roses and white gerberas, green decorative.

    You can choose it simply like a symbol of a deep friendship.

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    You’re In The Centre


    A bouquet with 12 roses : 11 white roses and 1 red rose in the middle, green decorative.

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    12 White Roses


    12 White Roses is a very romantic bouquet of 12 fresh white roses and greenery.

    The white rose is the symbol of purity and chastity.

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    Simple White Garden


    A basket with mixed white flowers , and green decorative.

    A beautiful way to send your thoughts.

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    White Magic


    Bouquet with 3 white roses, white flowers and green decorative complement.

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