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    White Multi Phalaenopsis


    White Multi Phalaenopsis can be gift on various occasions, such as a birthday, for Mother’s Day or even simply to give value to a special person.

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    Erica Plant


    Heather plant packaged and delivered to your home.

    The Erica plant, also known as heather or heather, is an evergreen plant belonging to the Ericaceae family. Native to Europe, Africa and Asia, it is appreciated for its resistance and its prolonged flowering, which is able to give a touch of color to the balcony even during autumn and throughout the winter. Its small leaves are dark green and its bell-shaped flowers can be of various colors, from white to pink to purple.

    (plant not always available, check availability)


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    Fuchsia Cyclamen Plant


    Fuchsia cyclamen plant packed with colored ribbons.

    The fuchsia cyclamen is a wonderful balcony plant that is used to cheer up your balcony/terrace.

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    Surfinia Plant


    Surfinia is a seasonal plant that produces beautiful blooms in the summer.

    The surfinia gives emotions and color to any green space; it comes from the genus of Petunia and from the family of Solanaceae and has numerous varieties of flowers that differ from each other for the color of the bloom.

    Who to give surfinia to?

    The surfinia for its abundant and very colorful flowering is a symbol of love or passion that has remained hidden for too long. Popular beliefs consider this plant as a tranquilizer to appease anger and hatred.

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    Geranium Plant


    Send this pretty Geranium Plant to welcome the start of summer.

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    Primrose Basket


    A colorful basket with primrose plants to welcome the spring.

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    Pink Phalenopsis


    Pink Phalenopsis adds elegant beauty and peaceful serenity to any setting.

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    Pink Kalanchoe


    Send a pink Kalanchoe plant today as a wonderful way to express your good thoughts and wishes for someone special.

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    Gardenia Plant


    Gardenia is best known for their fragrant white flowers.

    Send this living plant as the perfect birthday gift.

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    Guzmania Plant


    Send this exotic and impressive red Guzmania plant that will refresh and decorate the office or the house.

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    White Hydrangea Plant


    White Hydrangea Plant will make an incredible gift to send for a anniversary.

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    A lush foliage Spathifilium plant makes a lovely and natural gift, and always brings a smile to their day.

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    Pink Cyclamen


    Send a Pink Cyclamen in a basket with its flowers resembling butterflies and its luxurious colours.

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    Red Anthurium Plant


    Red Anthurium Plant is known universally as a symbol of hospitality.
    Send it for any event.

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    Pink Azalea Plant


    Send a Pink Azalea Plant, it is a note of colour for any occasion.

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    White Orchid


    White Orchid is a beautiful white phalenopsis plant.

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