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    Eden Garden


    Composition of mixed green plants in a basket.

    The best gift to give a touch of class and shininess.

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    Photos Plant


    The pothos is a faithful friend: it lives for years at home and in the office giving the beauty of its leaves and has the virtue of purifying
    the air of the house by permanently absorbing some toxic substances in its leaves
    Ideal for those who have little time to devote to the greenery of their home and office, it is also the perfect plant for those with little experience.

    The foliage is very decorative and has a drooping habit. Ideal on shelves, furniture, hanging.


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    Ficus Plant


    This Plant bring warmth and cheer to the day with their beauty and freshness.

    Send your warmest regards with an elegant ficus Plant.

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    Croton Plant


    Croton Plant is a simple, unique, natural and classic way to bring the essence of the harvest season into any home or office.

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    Small Bonsai


    Small Bonsai is a very nice and original mini tree.

    A great choice for dad on Father’s Day or for anyone who appreciates nature.

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    Sansevieria Plant


    Sansevieria plant is a very popular and resistant indoor plant, have the characteristic of purifying the air.

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    Succulent Plants


    Composition of mixed succulent plants in a pot.

    The best gift for a birthday or an inauguration.

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    Pakira Plant


    The pachira plant or money plant is recognized as the tree that can attract money.

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    Yucca Plant


    A Yucca plant to wish good luck to someone you love.

    Yucca Plant surely creates a special ambiance and atmosphere in any room.

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    Dieffenbachia is an attractive plant with large leaves and it is fairly easy to keep and grow.

    A great gift to send to the office.

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    A lush foliage Spathifilium plant makes a lovely and natural gift, and always brings a smile to their day.

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    Dracena Plant


    You can choose Dracena Plant as the best present to give a touch of elegance and shininess.

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    Kenthia Plant


    Sending a lovely ornamental Kenthia plant is an excellent choice for a forever gift!

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