What You Said With Flowers

Flowers have a secret meaning that only some understand. Different flowers represent sorrow, repentance, unrequited love, or beauty. Here are some of the most popular flowers and their associated meanings.

– Daffodil is the common English name of the flower otherwise known as Narcissus, after the Ancient Greek myth. Daffodil is a variation of the scientific name of the flower, Asphodel.

They signify respect and admiration.

– Irises represent hope, faith, and wisdom. In Latin, the word “iris” originally referred to a prismatic type of rock crystal. The same word was applied to these flowers and to the irises of our eye.

– Orchids typically represent refined beauty. To the Chinese, orchids represent having many children which makes them especially appropriate for Mother’s Day. Like the lily, the name of the orchid comes from its Latin name, Orchidaceae.

– To many, chrysanthemums mean hope for the future. The word literally means “gold flower” in Greek. In parts of Europe and Asia, though, chrysanthemums represent death and are only on display during funerals.

– Lilies signify a return to happiness. The word “lily” comes directly from the plant’s Latin name, Lilium.

– Red roses are given to those who you want to show love and passion, people who you have great respect for, and those who have shown great courage. The quantity can also have a special meaning:

•  Single Bloom Red Rose – Love at first sight or I still love you
•  Single Rose, any other color – Gratitude or simplicity
•  2 Roses – Mutual feelings
•  3 Roses – I Love you
•  7 Roses – I am infatuated with you
•  9 Roses – We will be together forever
•  10 Roses – You are perfect
•  11 Roses – You are my treasured one
•  12 Roses – Be mine
•  13 Roses – Friends forever
•  15 Roses – I am truly sorry
•  20 Roses – I am truly sincere towards you
•  21 Roses – I am dedicated to you
•  24 Roses – Forever yours
•  25 Roses – Congratulations
•  50 Roses – Unconditional love
•  99 Roses – I will love you for the rest of my life
•  108 Roses – Will you marry me?

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