Succulent Plants

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    Heart Box with Red Roses and Succulent Plants


    Beautiful gift that consists of a heart-shaped box with red roses and succulent plants.

    A unique gift that will be appreciated by anyone, for an original and impressive wish.

    Send this composition to give an emotion to a distant person.

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    Aloe Vera Plant


    Aloe is an evergreen plant that blooms from spring to autumn depending on the species and variety.

    Aloe vera is a fleshy perennial shrub plant and is part of the Aloeaceae family.

    Aloe vera plants are made up of 95% water and, although nature has provided them with abundant water reserves, it is still good to water them abundantly even if not often. It is a medicinal plant that does not need special care to grow: it must be treated like all other succulents, it must not be pruned, it must be planted in the ground or in a large pot.

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    Sansevieria Plant


    Sansevieria plant is a very popular and resistant indoor plant, have the characteristic of purifying the air.

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    Succulent Plants


    Composition of mixed succulent plants in a pot.

    The best gift for a birthday or an inauguration.

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    Pink Kalanchoe


    Send a pink Kalanchoe plant today as a wonderful way to express your good thoughts and wishes for someone special.

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