The language of flowers

The Etiquette Of Sending Flowers

Flowers are one of the most frequent gifts given to say “I Love You” and when you need to say “I’m Sorry.”Flowers can be given for almost every occasion.

With the vast variety of flowers and plants knowing what to give isn’t always easy. Flowers have different meanings depending on the type, color and sometimes the amount given.

1) Consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient. Would they like a bouquet of flowers or an arrangement? Do they have a favorite type of flower? Do they like flowering plants or a plant they can later transfer to their garden?

2) The colors of flowers have different meanings so consider the message you want to express when choosing the color of the flower. Also keep in mind the recipients culture, gift giving customs vary greatly between all cultures. Make sure you know the customs so you can avoid giving flowers that could possibly offend the recipient; in many countries, certain types and colors of flowers signify death and are never given as gifts.

3) What about sending flowers as a gift to a man?

Men are stimulated by color and are visually oriented. Research shows that men prefer vivid colors such as yellow, orange and red. Flower arrangements that are contemporary, linear styles or natural styles are best. Other favorites might include green or flowering plants.

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